May 24, 2011

A friends of mine passed away last night. He was 33. That is fucked.

My condolences to the family.



May 3, 2011

Been posting alot on here lately. No specific reason.

Here’s a bit from my favourite book, All My Friends Are Superheroes.

‘I don’t remember a single monster before I met you,’ he’d told the Amphibian. ‘Now they seem to be all over the place.;
‘You mean there wasn’t anything you were afraid of?’ the Amphibian had asked him.
‘What did they look like?’
It was a funny question.
‘They didn’t look like anything. They were ideas,’ Tom told him. ‘Like not being able to pay rent, or being lonely.’
‘That’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard,’ the Amphibian replied.


Eat, Pray, Go Crazy

April 19, 2011

There’s a few podcasts I listen to semi frequently. One is a science podcast called RadioLab. The most recent full episode available on itunes is about negotiating with yourself. One segment has an interview with Liz Gilbert (who wrote Eat Pray Love) where she talks about a conversation she had with Tom Waits (back when she used to write for GQ).

She describes how he spoke about the creative process, and honestly, it just makes Tom Waits sound crazier than I’ve already heard.

He was talking about how every song has a distinctive identity that it comes into the world with and in needs to be taken in different ways.
And he said, you know, that there are songs that you have to sneak up on like you’re hunting for a rare bird. And there are songs that comes fully intact like a dream taken through a straw.
And there are songs that you find little bits of like pieces of gum underneath the desk, and you scrape them off and you put them together and you make something out of it.
And there are songs, he said, that need to be bullied. Where, he said he’s been in the studio working on a song, and the whole album is done and this one song wont give itself over. He said everyone’s gotten used to him doing stuff like this, where he’ll march up and down the studio saying [yelling] “The rest of the family’s in the car, we’re all going on vacation. You coming along or not? You’ve got ten minutes or else you’re getting left behind!” you know? And you’ve got to shake it down sometimes.

Anyway, the point is that another way to think of creativity is as something external. It’s something you need to talk to, discuss with, something that will give you gifts and run away when you don’t treat it right. Sometimes you sweet talk it, and sometimes you’ll fight with it, but the thing is that it’s an it. It’s not you, it’s not nothing, it’s a real thing.


So, if you hear me arguing with no one… it means that I’m crazy. But also – just maybe – productive.


lol beans

April 18, 2011

Heard a new one today.

Two years ago, I saw Speed Racer, and the phrase ‘cool beans’ has worked its way into my lexicon. I know it doesn’t originate from Speed Racer, but that’s where I got it from.

Since then, I’ve noticed a few friends begin to use it. Not alot, but the occasional ‘cool beans’ was more than fleeting. I don’t think that I – or Speed Racer – can take credit for these people using the old phrase, but nevertheless, it’s making a small comeback.

Today, I received an e-mail with ‘lol beans.’

I love it.

And I will use it.

Because it is great.

(And so is Speed Racer.)


That Guy At The Nose Of The Airplane

April 16, 2011

I’ve been stuck on this pilot I’m writing for a long time now.

I remember a time 2 months ago when I felt I was a short toss away from scripting. Seriously. And now, I’ve been in meltdown (too soon) for way too long. I finally talked to someone about what was holding me back and it helped. Not tonnes, but some.

Today, that same friend sent me a (mostly unrelated) link to a blogpost about screen writing. It helped a bit more.

I’ve spent the past hour reading old posts from another screenwriting blog I used to frequent and – yep – feeling better.

Anyway, here’s an interesting excerpt from that last blog that really has nothing to do with my problem, but it’s a fascinating perspective on TV as a genre.

Simply put, I think when we talk originality on TV we’re using a different mixture, or recipe, than when people talk originality in art or in the novel or even the movie. Originality in TV to me is more akin to originality in popular music. [those itals are me]

When you hear an unbelievably catchy song on the radio (these days, if you’re talking a new song you haven’t heard before, I’m probably talking, on the satellite ratio) the thing that gets you is that most of the time it pulls off an impossible trick: it simultaneously feels and sounds fresh and familiar. Maybe there’s something about the bassline or the chord progression, or maybe it’s built upon a sample from an earlier song you liked…but to me the pleasure comes from feeling that it’s both new and familiar – both receptors in your brain go crazy, and that’s why some songs you hear for the first time and go, “that’s amazing!” and you love it right away.

I think that’s kind of like what we do in TV. TV is about constantly pulling off the impossible trick. When you drag people out to a theater (and I’m talking about viewers here who aren’t 18 year old boys with no sense of history) you have a bit of a higher burden on creativity — it needs to not be something you’ve ever seen before, or if it’s even the slightest bit pastiche, it better be great pastiche, like The Departed. Same is true of a good novel, I think.

Anyway, the whole post is a great read if this thing is… your thing.


More Slow Mo

April 12, 2011

I’m pretty obsessed with slow motion. At the top of my slow mo wishlist is shooting something with a phantom, but considering cost, I’ve been very interested in alternative slow mo option. One thing that keeps popping up is a program called Twixtor, where people are manipulating 60fps footage to great effect.

Here’s a video I came across today, made by David Lindberg. It’s shot on a t2i at 60fps and made to look like 2000fps. It’s not often I exclaim “holy fuck!” and am legitimately surprised, but this video did it.


Warm Monday

April 11, 2011

A stranger just invited me to drink with him. In the park. Who says Toronto is cold and unfriendly?

It’s 22C and the park is full of dogs. Soon, I will steal them. All of them.

It’s kinda windy and lots of leaves are blowing all over. Is it strange that it reminds me of The Happening? More importantly, is it happening?

I’ve been in a day long email discussion with a friend about Source Code, and whether or not there is such a thing as the “perfect” sci fi tv series.

Overall, a good day.