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May 24, 2011

A friends of mine passed away last night. He was 33. That is fucked.

My condolences to the family.



May 3, 2011

Been posting alot on here lately. No specific reason.

Here’s a bit from my favourite book, All My Friends Are Superheroes.

‘I don’t remember a single monster before I met you,’ he’d told the Amphibian. ‘Now they seem to be all over the place.;
‘You mean there wasn’t anything you were afraid of?’ the Amphibian had asked him.
‘What did they look like?’
It was a funny question.
‘They didn’t look like anything. They were ideas,’ Tom told him. ‘Like not being able to pay rent, or being lonely.’
‘That’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard,’ the Amphibian replied.