Filmmaker Metaphor

April 10, 2011

God damn this scene was so good

Believe it or not, I’ve only seen Inception once. Well, 1.5 times now, I guess. I’m about halfway through watching it right now (laptops, I tell you) and I swear I can’t watch this movie now without thinking of that filmmaker metaphor.

What filmmaker metaphor? I’m glad you asked.

I’m not sure if someone told me about this, or if I read it, or if this notion was incepted into my brain, but basically, it rolls like this.

There’s a way to read each character as the major players of filmmaking.

  • Cobb (Leo DeCaprio) is is the director. He’s in charge, he runs things, but he’s done so much “dreaming” that he can’t be trusted to create the dreams anymore, largely because of Mol.
  • Mal is Cobb’s other half. His subconscious. His doubt, his self-destructive side, his regrets. And if the idea that Mal is something ephemeral offends you, well, I’m sorry.
  • Joseph Gordon Levit is the producer. Planning, logistics, but also an understanding of the dream.
  • Ellen Page is the writer, creating the world.
  • Tom Hardy is the actor, convincing you that he is who he claims to be.
  • Yusuf is the science. He’s the tech, the lights, sound. Some say he’s, more specifically, special effects.
  • Ken Watanabe is the exec. The money. the financing. (He has no real role as far as navigating the dream goes, but he says he gets to come, so he gets to come.)
  • And that leaves Cilian Murphy. The audience.
  • It’s a thorough and (to me, at least) extremely interesting analysis of the film, and there’re many people who have written about it at much greater length. The metaphor goes much deeper than just this, and if you’re curious, it’s worth reading about.


    Hello Spring

    April 10, 2011

    Yerba Maté and a sunny Sunday afternoon.

    (kinda sounds like the name of a teen mystery novel)



    What’s your point?

    April 6, 2011

    “For a guy who wants to write, he sure doesn’t do alot of writing on here.”

    You should see my old blog. Or my new one. Jerks.

    Anyway, since I know you were wondering… my favourite underused emoticon?


    It’s two eyes and a flat mouth. Like, for reals.


    You’re kinda just a schmo

    April 2, 2011

    Thanks, girlfriend.

    (after a conversation about hipsters and yuppies)


    Who indeed

    March 28, 2011

    (via top left pixel)


    Today my girlfriend saved my butt

    March 27, 2011

    Long sleeved black shirts? Wouldn’t touch ’em. Unless they paid me to. Which, it turns out they are. Sooo… Pretty soon I’ll be the proud new owner of some “work attire.”

    Here’s the Junos!





    Can’t it be both?

    March 25, 2011

    Remember when I used to use this blog to post about my “feelings?”

    So. How am I feeling right now? I am feeling… sad. Or is it hungry?