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Not an apartment

January 28, 2010

True Story: Yesterday, someone messages me and says “I want an iPad.”  I had no idea what an iPad was, so I responded with a couple question marks.  Then, I got to thinking: maybe Apple designed an apartment or a condo filled to the bring with touch screens and usb ports?

Apparently not.

I’ve done very little reading about the iPad, but the reading I have done leaves me thinking that this is little more than an oversized iPhone, without the phone part.

Things that are cool about it:

  • Star Trek is finally real.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • It has a 10-hour battery.
  • The 3G version is unlocked. No cell phone (err… tablet?) contracts!

Things that are not cool:

  • Not all models have 3G:  Why you would even want this without 3G confuses me, but hey, for $100 less, why not buy something that has almost no functionality?
  • It’s fucking expensive.
  • Only has a 1GHZ processor.
  • Only has a max 64GB storage.
  • You can only download apps approved by Apple, which is great until you realize this is a monopoly situation, which is never good.
  • Max resolution is 1024×768. (Trust me, that’s not high.)
  • There’s a dock, which is cool because it lets you use a keyboard. But you’ve basically turned the comp into a desktop at that point.

I dunno, I think I just expected something… I dunno? Cooler? Better?  Remotely good?

It’s just silly that the iPad amounts to a toy, not a computer. I’ve never been a Mac zealot, but I do seem to remember a time when Mac’s were expensive because they were well built machines. Not because they were… shiny?