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Morning Radio

February 8, 2010

I’m not a huge morning radio (or morning, for that matter) person, but even a schmuck like me knows Andy Barrie‘s name.  When news came down the wire last week that he was retiring as the host of Metro Morning, I was surprised, but it didn’t rock my world.

Today, in checking the news outlets, I see that Matt Galloway will be taking over the morning host duties starting March 1st. Again, this news in itself doesn’t mean much to me, but the amount of coverage it’s receiving makes me smile.

Canada is constantly battling with issues of identity.  As a member of the television industry, I’m particularly aware of how little content on TV feels Canadian.  Of course, there’s a much larger discussion behind exactly what that means, but that’s not today’s point.

Today’s Point: CBC Radio is a perfect vehicle for Canadian identity.  If a morning host prompts a flurry of articles, from all kinds of outlets, well, it feels good to think that we’re not only hearing about it because it’s a slow news day.