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Best Place Ever

March 10, 2011

I’m hanging out in a comic book store/coffee shop in one. It’s in Portland, east of the river. Already, this is my favourite hang out spot ever. What’s more, is they have a piano set up here, and some random girl just came in and started messing around with a few keys.

The barista says “wanna play? I can turn off the music.”
“Yeah, ok” replies the girl.

Turns out this girl is FUCKING INCREDIBLE. This is one of those times when I understand why so many of my musician friends don’t want to use simulated music programs to make music. It’s about feeling it.

I recorded about 3 minutes of piano playing, and later tonight I’ll try and figure out how to upload it. 🙂

And as if that wasn’t enough. A PUG JUST SHOWED UP.




March 3, 2011

I am drinking coffee black. It is fucking delicious.


Coffee and Bibles

March 16, 2010

Today a kid spilled my coffee all over himself, the bench I was sitting on and the ground. He paniced for a moment and then his mother offeredto replace my spilt coffee. I declined.

71 pages in, Kaufman’s ‘The Waterproof Bible’ is already a winner. No less than four times thus far I’ve been this ( ) close to transcribing entire passages, pages and even chapters of this book for you to enjoy, but each time i’ve resisted the urge.

In retrospect, I’m not sure why (to both)