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Best Place Ever

March 10, 2011

I’m hanging out in a comic book store/coffee shop in one. It’s in Portland, east of the river. Already, this is my favourite hang out spot ever. What’s more, is they have a piano set up here, and some random girl just came in and started messing around with a few keys.

The barista says “wanna play? I can turn off the music.”
“Yeah, ok” replies the girl.

Turns out this girl is FUCKING INCREDIBLE. This is one of those times when I understand why so many of my musician friends don’t want to use simulated music programs to make music. It’s about feeling it.

I recorded about 3 minutes of piano playing, and later tonight I’ll try and figure out how to upload it. 🙂

And as if that wasn’t enough. A PUG JUST SHOWED UP.



Powers gets a Pilot

February 27, 2011

I’ve posted in the past about Powers, a graphic novel about homocide detectives specializing in Superpowered related murders, and about how it’s been in development since forever.

Last night, the comics’ creator and writer tweeted the good news.

Powers pilot was just greenlit by FX! it’s official! your window of reading Powers while it was still cool is running out 🙂



Fantastic Family

February 25, 2011

This super rad guy put together a graphically pleasing chart of the Fantastic Four’s family tree.

How many can you name? (minimum requirement for our continued friendship is… 4)



February 10, 2011

First Trailer looks good to me!


Donald for Spiderman

February 8, 2011

The Internet exploded today (*) with links to a video about Donald Glover explaining his side of the Donald Glover for Spiderman campaign that’s been doing laps around the web for some time. I didn’t know about this, but hey, that happens sometimes. You know?

Anyway, I’m happy to report that Donald Glover is still hilarious.

I don’t know how to embed facebook videos, socheck it here.

*Actually, it’s been exploding all along.


Fantastic Three

January 30, 2011

I woke up Friday morning and felt weird. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but en route to the shuttle for work, I realized what it was: I was feeling uncharacteristically emotional. I mentioned it to a friend and she told me “now imagine feeling like that once or month, or maybe even everyday.” Sounds awful.

This week issue #587 of Fantastic Four came out. It’s the ending to the storyline “3”, which has been touting that it will end in the death of one of the team’s namesake members. In general, stories resulting in a (mainstream) superhero’s death is occasion to roll your eyes. Everyone’s died. This list includes (but is not limited to) A-listers like: Superman. Batman. Mr Fantastic. Captain America. Jean Grey. Lots more. So, when I say that superheroes die all the time, what I mean is no one really cares anymore.

Well, no one except for me.

I went out of my way to avoid all forms of news regarding which FF member died. I scrolled quickly past anything that said “Fan-“, I made sure not to mention the story to any of my comic-apt friends (and most of my non-comic friends, too) in hopes that they wouldn’t start that conversation and spill the beans. I even went out of my way to warn my girlfriend that I didn’t know – and didn’t want to know – who died in case she heard and decided to be nice and express interest in comics for me this week.

Saturday, I went to the comic shop to three comic shops to buy the issue (and if they had them, the issues leading up to it) and it turned out it’s sold out everywhere. Bummer. But I wanted the comic, so I broke character and when the store clerk asked me if I wanted help, I said yes and told him what I was looking for.

Clerk: “Hmmm… we might, but I’m not sure. It might be over here *walks around the counter, looks through the stands* but maybe not. You know how this week was the [character who dies’ name] issue, and it got alot of press, so we sold them pretty quickly”
Me: “Oh. Spoiler alert, I guess.”
Clerk: “Oh, you didn’t know? You managed to avoid the media? It was reported in alot of places you know”

Thanks for clarifying that last part. Dickbag.

Anyway, I didn’t get mad at him, but I walked home and got pretty heated in my own head. Without soapboxing (further), I found other methods of reading the issue (and the preceding 12 issues) and am now up to date.

It’s just really well put together. Despite knowing who died, I still got pretty emotional reading it.

After the jump is a panel (from an issue 6 or 7 months ago) that (in retrospect) foreshadows who bites it.
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You said it, Hanners

January 26, 2011

This is the fourth panel from yesterday’s QC.

So true, Hannelore. So true.