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February 17, 2010

Here’s the scoop:

A friend of mine worked on a film called Defendor.  It stars Woody Harelson, premiered at TIFF ’09, and got picked up by Sony for distro.

In Defendor, Harrelson plays Arthur Poppington, a possibly crazy but good-natured man who assumes the superhero identity of Defendor in order to bring down his arch nemesis Captain Industry and “clean up the city.”  Of course, the question isn’t so much ‘Who is Captain Industry?’ but rather ‘Is Captain Industry a figment of Defendor’s imagination?’

Anyway, as usual with movies, there’s behind-the-scenes red-tape-ery.  For some reason, Sony is putting it straight to DVD in the States, and in Canada it’s getting a tiny release (Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary I think?)

Which brings me to the push: Starting this Thursday, Defendor is playing at the AMC in downtown Toronto.  You should go see it because it’s awesome, which I can qualify by saying that not only did my nerdy roommate and I love it, but so did my totally regular (re: not a geek) sister. See if you can not love it after watching the trailer:

I’ll probably see it on Friday or at some other point this weekend.  Let me know if you wanna go!