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Long Distance Mind Control

February 15, 2010

Today is one of those days where I can’t seem to get anything done.  Sigh.

Also, apparently there’s a device over at the Olympics that lets you control the lights on the CN Tower using your MIND!  Yowza!



September 14, 2009

Remember that movie with Sam Jackson, Sharon Stone and Dustin Hoffman?

So real!


Foggy Day

September 3, 2009

This may have been on my Saturday at the con. This definitely used to be the CN Tower. Before… You know…


And now I leave town. Again.


Tennis before 8

August 27, 2009

The heat back home has broken. It’s a chilly morning.

But why let that ruin a perfectly good game of tennis.


Just Like a Fiddler

July 19, 2009

Something about the sea of homes just doesn’t get old.


Good ol’ Etsy

July 5, 2009

Found this one through, a great art+design link blog.


I don’t wear rings (makes my fingers feel like they’re choking) but I’m sure someone out there is sporting a sweet set of these.


Stop Station

June 28, 2009

The GO Transit bus terminal is always kept under a watchful eye…