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Filmmaker Metaphor

April 10, 2011

God damn this scene was so good

Believe it or not, I’ve only seen Inception once. Well, 1.5 times now, I guess. I’m about halfway through watching it right now (laptops, I tell you) and I swear I can’t watch this movie now without thinking of that filmmaker metaphor.

What filmmaker metaphor? I’m glad you asked.

I’m not sure if someone told me about this, or if I read it, or if this notion was incepted into my brain, but basically, it rolls like this.

There’s a way to read each character as the major players of filmmaking.

  • Cobb (Leo DeCaprio) is is the director. He’s in charge, he runs things, but he’s done so much “dreaming” that he can’t be trusted to create the dreams anymore, largely because of Mol.
  • Mal is Cobb’s other half. His subconscious. His doubt, his self-destructive side, his regrets. And if the idea that Mal is something ephemeral offends you, well, I’m sorry.
  • Joseph Gordon Levit is the producer. Planning, logistics, but also an understanding of the dream.
  • Ellen Page is the writer, creating the world.
  • Tom Hardy is the actor, convincing you that he is who he claims to be.
  • Yusuf is the science. He’s the tech, the lights, sound. Some say he’s, more specifically, special effects.
  • Ken Watanabe is the exec. The money. the financing. (He has no real role as far as navigating the dream goes, but he says he gets to come, so he gets to come.)
  • And that leaves Cilian Murphy. The audience.
  • It’s a thorough and (to me, at least) extremely interesting analysis of the film, and there’re many people who have written about it at much greater length. The metaphor goes much deeper than just this, and if you’re curious, it’s worth reading about.



    February 10, 2011

    First Trailer looks good to me!



    April 20, 2010

    I saw my grandfather last week for the first time in a looong time.  The short version is that – almost as a rule – he and I don’t get along.  But for reasons that don’t need explaining, he’s been staying with my mom lately, and when I went to visit her last week, it turned into entertaining the ancestry. The good news is that he (and, I guess, I…) was on his best behaviour, and therefore we had many consecutive minutes (hours?) of conversation.

    One thing we talked about was Science Fiction, and how most movies of that genre (or “gender” as he says it) are steaming piles of poop.  His favourite (sci-fi?) movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Without getting into my thoughts about that movie, I am able to objectively understand what he likes and doesn’t like, and I think hearing him say that 2001 was his bag… well, it garnered more than just common ground.

    Last night, I watched Moon.  It was directed Duncan Jones, written by Jones and Nathan Parker, and stars Sam Rockwell.

    If you don’t like Sam Rockwell, then you should avoid this movie.  However, if you don’t know Sam Rockwell, then you should definitely watch it, because it’s a tour de france in acting. He is the movie, the same way Cast Away was Tom Hanks.  That said, I wasn’t a big fan of Cast Away, and I loved the shit out of Moon.

    Without getting into plot details, I feel the best way to describe Moon is to relate something I once read from Issac Asimov (Author of the books I, Robot and Foundation and all the subsequent novels). He was explaining the difference in what he writes, and what Harlan Ellison (a good friend and screenwriter) writes.

    Though he and I are alike in many ways – extroverted, loud-mouthed, charismatic individuals – our writing couldn’t be more different. Mine is almost entirely cerebral, his almost entirely emotional. And that’s good.

    Ever since I read that, I’ve always interpreted it not only as the difference between those two individuals, but as a major difference between books and films.  Not to say that movies can’t be cerebral, and books can’t be emotional, but it’s basically this: A good book makes you think, while a good film makes you feel.

    And that’s where films like Moon (or 2001) come in.  These are films that make you think. In that way, when the movie ended, I felt extremely satisfied, much like when I finish a good book.

    And the silver lining in the whole Moon experience is that this is kind of movie I can talk to my grandfather about. I may even go visit him on purpose this time…


    Have You Met Me?

    April 13, 2010

    Growing up, I watched movies, tv, played video games, read books and comic books, and played sports.

    However, time and again, I’ve run into situations where I’m a pop culture neanderthal.  Roommates throwing their arms – or chairs – in frustration about how I’ve somehow never seen anything.  (Are you really still surprised?)  People who look at me as the “comic guy” and are astounded to find out I haven’t read whatever.

    I present to you… a solution!

    I am now accepting submissions in my own education:

    • Want me to read a book about the end of the world? Tell me about it!
    • Want me to watch a movie where the bad guy wins? Send it my way!
    • Think I’m ugly? Keep that to yourself!

    I will then tell you exactly what I think about everything!

    • Aliens? Boring if you watched in 20 years later for the first time!
    • Kitchen Confidential? Bourdain is a narcissistic douchebag!
    • Your diary? I would LOVE to read that!

    Anyway, here goes!



    February 17, 2010

    Here’s the scoop:

    A friend of mine worked on a film called Defendor.  It stars Woody Harelson, premiered at TIFF ’09, and got picked up by Sony for distro.

    In Defendor, Harrelson plays Arthur Poppington, a possibly crazy but good-natured man who assumes the superhero identity of Defendor in order to bring down his arch nemesis Captain Industry and “clean up the city.”  Of course, the question isn’t so much ‘Who is Captain Industry?’ but rather ‘Is Captain Industry a figment of Defendor’s imagination?’

    Anyway, as usual with movies, there’s behind-the-scenes red-tape-ery.  For some reason, Sony is putting it straight to DVD in the States, and in Canada it’s getting a tiny release (Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary I think?)

    Which brings me to the push: Starting this Thursday, Defendor is playing at the AMC in downtown Toronto.  You should go see it because it’s awesome, which I can qualify by saying that not only did my nerdy roommate and I love it, but so did my totally regular (re: not a geek) sister. See if you can not love it after watching the trailer:

    I’ll probably see it on Friday or at some other point this weekend.  Let me know if you wanna go!


    Some Updates

    February 10, 2010

    A couple of wacky things have been going on lately.  Well, wacky probably isn’t the right word, but for some reason it’s the word I’ve chosen.  Here we go:

    Christopher Nolan, director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight will “have a sort of hands-on/godfather role in the upcoming Superman reboot.”  Firstly, Superman reboot?  Must’ve missed that one with all the talk of hitting the retcon button on good ol’ Peter Parker.

    Speaking of which, they announced a release date for the new Spiderman movie (July 3, 2012) as well as stating that the movie will be in 3D.  James Cameron, what have you started?

    Despite having bad luck in the title department, there’s a wicked Avatar: The Last Airbender trailer.  And by wicked, I mean WICKED.  Actually, I think they’ve dropped the Avatar part of the title altogether.  Good move.

    Apparently, Futurama got renewed/brought back to life.  Seriously?  When the hell did this happen?  Why does everyone I know hate me so much that they wouldn’t have told me this by now?  Yeesh!

    Lastly, I’m not really a big Superman guy.  Considering that 40% of these newsy things are about Superman suggests otherwise, but trust me, it’s mostly academic.  Regardless, DC announced recently that Superman will have an upcoming story-arc called ‘War of the Supermen.’ Without getting into the details that are required to explain even that title, what’s cool is that this ‘War’ is going to last 100 minutes.  It’s a 4 issue arc with each issue lasting 25 minutes, and all four issues coming out in May.

    Happy Wednesday!


    Lost Sons

    February 1, 2010

    I considered not posting about this.  I actually held off for about 4 days.  But it’s on my mind and I’m excited so here it is.

    After 6 months of hard work, 9 months of writing partnership, Aaron and I have finished the First Polish Touch Up Version Draft whatever.  Basically it’s at a place where we’re ready to show the world.

    World, consider yourself showed.


    p.s. it’s a Western.