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Moving Day Liveblog!

April 24, 2010

Hooray! Today’s the magical day! A few thoughts. The only things open at 7:15 on a Saturday (between my old home the truck place) is a breakfast place, a hardware store and a portugese bakery. Now you know!

There’s everything I own!

Well, that was the worst liveblog ever. However, it was a great moving day! Everything ran ahead of schedule and we finished early. Madness.

Thanks to everyone who helped!



April 2, 2010

I’m currently sitting on the front steps of my new apartment waiting for my landlord to show up and give me keys. While it’s annoying to sit here waiting for half an hour, there are a number of good things to come of it.

Activate List Mode:

-I’ve made a move in a game of iPhone chess
-I’ve made moves in two games of scrabble
-I’ve met two of my new neighbours (one was nice and the other was nice and awkward as fuck)
-I’ve thought about all the salami and cheese I’m going to eat when I get home
-I’ve enjoyed the beautiful Good Friday weather
-I posted a picture of a Sasquatch