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Soon enough, anyway

July 9, 2009

Saw this at the NYTimes building. The have a wall of screens that pulls headlines and sentences from their own paper and from others and just displays them.

There’s a logic to it, but it escapes me at the moment. I’ve saw something similar in San Jose, but instead of newspapers, it drew from Internet chat programs.

Fascinating stuff!


Pushing ‘e’

July 7, 2009

Or is it a backwards 9?



4 Days in New York

July 5, 2009

My trip to New York began the way all of my trips do: waiting in an uncomfortable terminal, nervous as fuck. It’s funny, y’know? Sitting there, not exactly sure what I should be doing ( if anything) or where should I be waiting (if anywhere). I can’t focus enough to read a book. It’s over airconditioned so that even in a hoodie, I’m not warm. I tired, even though I slept in. Ugh! What is the effing deal?!

After years of taking planes everywhere, I feel like I’ve finally figured it all out. But for some reason, I take one step into a bus terminal, and I’m lost, and I’m confused, and I’m even a little scared.

It’s all nerves. Y’know?

When my nerves start to get to me, I find that I go through one of a small list of compulsive reactions.

I eat. I pee. I pace. I sigh. I count to seven.

Why do I do these things? At various points in my life I’ve had different ways of justifying it all to myself, but here’s the latest. Indulge me as I take the long way ’round.

A few months ago, I filmed a seminar about weight loss. At the time I was polite, but to my friends I scoffed the knowledge bestowed by the “life coach.” Basically, it’s the idea of someone calling themself a life coach that annoyed me the most, but I now think there may have been some logic to his theories.

Basically, what he put forward is that people overeat because they associate feeling good with overeating. It has somehow been programmer into all of our minds that eating = happiness, and so in times of sorrow, discomfort or even nervousness, people turn to these preprogrammed recipes for instant gratification.

Thinking about that in realtion to waiting for the goddamn bus, I can apply some of it to myself. All those things I do when I’m nervous are also associated with instant relief. (Seriously, who doesn’t feel great after a good long pee?)

The thing is, I don’t necessarily know if I would want to break that programming. Sure, if I were trying to lose weight, I can see the benefit of removing the ready desire to eat eat eat. But in terms of solving nerves? What would I do to help abate that unsettled-ness? Other things? Constructive things? Destructive things? Nothing?

These four days in new York are going to be an interesting time. It’s the first time I’ve ever travelled with this particular best friend of mine, so naturally, I’m nervous.

And yet, sitting on the bus (yay, I’m finally on!) I’m starting to feel better. Finally, we’re on the road, things are moving, I’m exactly where I need to be.

Tomorrow morning begins my four days in New York.

“See?” he said to himself. “Nothing to be nervous about.”