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February 16, 2010

Today, I talk about pizza.

Pizza toppings are a vital part of creating a tasty pie.  My standard favourite is sausage (spicy), mushroom (butter of the vegetable kingdom) and green olives (no explanation necessary.)

However, that is not my only topping combo.  Introduced to me by my roommate, the feta cheese, tomato slices and bacon (crumble: trust me, I’m a scientist when it comes to pizza) is quickly working its way up the ranks.

And then there’s the Argentina classic: ham, cheese and egg.  You might think I’m crazy (you’d be wrong) but until you’ve had pizza in Argentina, you don’t even know what pizza is.  Seriously, if I had access to the pizza they make in Argentina I’d be a million times happier than I am now.  It’s not even about the toppings; it’s the entire unit.

The deep dish pizza from Uno’s (currently only in the states… lame) is another favourite of mine.