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It means ‘to eff’

April 27, 2010

This word came up in a scrabble game:

swive – a synonym for the f-word. The latter first appears around 1500, and ‘swive’ (related to ‘swivel’) is the term previously used. The verb to quim may refer only to the female’s role in the activity.

God give you both one shame’s death to dien!
He swived thee; I saw it with mine eyen.

I have thries [thrice] in this shorte night
Swived the miller’s daughter bolt-upright,

–Chaucer, Canturbury Tales, Reeve’s and Merchant’s Tales

Woo Learning!



April 2, 2010

I’m currently sitting on the front steps of my new apartment waiting for my landlord to show up and give me keys. While it’s annoying to sit here waiting for half an hour, there are a number of good things to come of it.

Activate List Mode:

-I’ve made a move in a game of iPhone chess
-I’ve made moves in two games of scrabble
-I’ve met two of my new neighbours (one was nice and the other was nice and awkward as fuck)
-I’ve thought about all the salami and cheese I’m going to eat when I get home
-I’ve enjoyed the beautiful Good Friday weather
-I posted a picture of a Sasquatch