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David Lynch’s Goofy Movie

February 12, 2010

Remember when Disney put out that movie about Goofy?  And he had a son, Max?  That was a great time, wasn’t it?

Anyway, some guy (Cody Richeson) cut together a teaser for A Goofy Movie in the style of David Lynch (of Twin Peaks fame)


(found on BoingBoing)


Twin Peaks progress report

February 4, 2010

I’m about two-thirds of the way through Twin Peaks, that late 80s David Lynch/Mark Frost tv series that gets referenced way more than I even realized.

A few thoughts:

People have always told me how *weird* the series is, but I’ve always assumed they meant it was sacked out in terms of content and the plain fucked up shot that happens regularly. Well, I was wrong. What weird means here is largely confusion. An extremely autopsy light, flickering for no reason or a taxidermied deer’s head on a table, etc.

The number of characters in this show is boggling.  What’s more, is that they visit each character at least once per episode, leaving very little room for anyone to get a second scene.  It creates a pacing that is both boggling and only satisfying when marathoned.

The show itself is incredibly campy and melodramatic.  I am able to laugh and look past this largely because it’s a show with about 20 years on it.  I laugh at the dumb parts, and get sucked in for the rest.

It’s really a perfect storm.

p.s. the fact that so many things don’t make sense (character relationships 180ing for example) really gets rolled right into the aforementioned campyness.