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I Just Take It From My Head

July 26, 2010


Thank you, Universe.

Update: Downside –> Sound Academy? Bleh.

Update 2: Got my ticket.  Word.


Television Monsters

April 12, 2010

The show is over.

I have pictures of a few more monsters for you all, but this post isn’t for them. These final two weeks have been particularly trying for me, with hours that are seemingly never ending. There’s no such thing as a short day in my department. In fact, it’s an oft discussed fact that the on set lifestyle is overwhelming, and that Television Production is itself a monster that feeds on relationships.

One colleague of mine has wanted to be a camera operator for as long as I’ve known him (4 years?) but he has a dire fear of becoming the stereotype. In te past few years I’ve worked with 20+ ops and I can only name two who are marred to their first wife. And that’s just the camera department. The symptoms are the same in sound, lighting, grip and whatever other departments exist on shows.

It’s ridiculous. That’s the only way to describe it, because anything else would be an essay in self-deprivation and -destruction.

I just remembered a third Op who is (I’m pretty sure) still with his first wife. Hooray, I guess?

The part that kills me is that I don’t even like cameras. They’re cool, and Im good enough at this tech shit that it pays my bills and buys me dinner, but do I really want to put up the people that matter to me as barter?

And then there’s the part that has nothing to do with work. I’ve been on this job for 6 weeks. People tell me I’ve been an asshole alot longer than that. Maybe there’s no such thing as the Television Monster. Just assholes like me who need something other than themself to blame.


There’s no short days, work or otherwise.


Birds in the Morning

April 7, 2010

It’s 4:45 in the morning and I’ve just gotten home. The birds are chirping like crazy, which signifies two things: morning is coming and spring is here.

Here’s a tunnel monster and a jersey devil.



March 11, 2010

Remember Vegetables?


Stuck in a Dumpster

March 9, 2010

Thank God for long-johns.

As I write this, I am sitting in an (empty) dumpster. Today, my job includes hiding out here in the cold, waiting for the right moment so that I can sneak to the hero van and change tapes.

That sentence can be found in Meriam-Webster’s Anecdotal Dictionary under ‘glamour.’

We’re shooting a bit about a death worm today in which you don’t ever actually *see* the death worm. More importantly we’re in Caledon in a quarry. What’s a quarry? I thought you’d never ask 🙂


Don’t Forget The Half

March 8, 2010

This past week was pretty insane. I worked 92.5 hours and spent yesterday feeling half alive (glass half full?). In related news, how were all of you not in Toronto on Sat night? You were in like 4 different cities, none of which I could teleport to!

Anyway, the two episodes I haven’t told you about yet were about a lizard swamp man and a monster spider. Here’s some pics!


Not On A Plane

March 4, 2010

Another day in the party zone that is my life. Today was called “mega snake.”

An actor on set got sucked through a hole and gobbled up. Yup.